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How Dental Implants Can Improve Your Oral Health

The field of restorative dentistry has been revolutionised by dental implants and this has offered a permanent solution for missing teeth. A long lasting foundation for artificial teeth is created by implants and they will also improve your oral health in addition to the aesthetic improvements.

Dental implants are titanium posts

That are inserted into the jawbone surgically and this will act as artificial tooth roots. When the posts integrate with the bone, it will provide a stable foundation for bridges, crowns and dentures. The process of dental implants includes the placement of implants, the fusion of the plant with the jawbone which is called osseointegration and the attachment of the artificial tooth or teeth. You can choose SD dental implants Cleveland to prevent bone loss. When you lose a tooth, the jawbone in the empty socket will start to deteriorate because there is no stimulation. But a dental implant will mimic a natural tooth root so that it provides the required stimulation to the jawbone. This will prevent bone resorption and it will also help you maintain the integrity of your facial structure.

With traditional dental bridges,

You need to grind down adjacent teeth so that the bridge can be anchored. This process will compromise the health of your teeth. Compared to this, dental implants will not rely on neighbouring teeth for their support so that the natural structure of teeth and their health can be preserved. This can also help maintain your oral health as it doesn’t damage your surrounding teeth. Missing teeth will affect your ability to chew and enjoy a wide variety of Food. You will not be able to eat everything and this can lead to restrictions in your diet causing nutritional deficiencies. Full chewing power is restored by dental implants so that you can eat without any limitations or experiencing discomfort. When the bite force is restored, you will be able to enjoy a balanced diet. You will find it easier to maintain your oral hygiene with dental implants compared to what you do with traditional implants. As you can brush and floss implants the same way you do natural teeth, this will reduce the risk of gum disease, build-up of plaque and tooth decay. When you wear removable dentures, it can trap bacteria and food particles which will increase the risk of oral infections.

Better stability and comfort is provide with dental implants compared to traditional dentures.

The latter can slip or shift when you eat or speak. With this improved stability, your oral function and comfort are improved. When you have ill-fitting dentures, it can lead to irritation and discomfort. With a secure fit, the implants will help you have better speech and it can boost your confidence when it comes to social interactions. Tooth loss will affect your facial structure and cause it to appear sunken. The natural shape and your structure can be maintained by dental implants. They do so by supporting the jawbone and surrounding tissues.